LSOA Buridda, Genova, corso monte grappa 39


From almost every place between the two main train station, Principe and Brignole, is possible to reach the LSOA Buridda in less than 45’. Moreover, consider that walking a little will allow you to taste a beautiful piece of warm focaccia, which is always possible to find in this city.


The railway station to reach is Genova Brignole then:

  • few steep steps.
  • bus line N°49 (649 in the evening), schedule.


  • Higway to genova est and then.
  • Higway to genova ovest and then.


  • Buy a normal ticket of AMT in the airport, then walk for few minutes to reach the closes stop of the line 1. Here take the but to the Dinegro Metro station, and stay in the underground until the end (10’), to Brignole. Here continue as being just arrived by train.
  • But a volabus ticket at the airport, and take the bus to Brignole. Here again go on as in the previous point (by feet or with the line 39).